Those who fear life are already three parts dead.  ~Bertrand Russell

The one emotion which keeps floating below the radar and blobs up every now from our subconscious to drive our everyday action is Darr – The FEAR!

During childhood, the fear of the one tight slap that a teacher or parent would fingerprint under your left ear…or that of the school bully who would come and remove your trouser in front of the entire school and that too on a day when you forgot to wear your tinnie-winnie underwear!

Teenage brings in sweet little pimples on the face and the fear of rejection by that hot chick you laid your eyes on….The fear of not being cool enough to be accepted by your group of chummies.

But the most debilitating fears are the ones which each of us continue to live with through our adult lives… Am I saying the right thing for others to like me? Have I sucked up enough to the boss for the promotion? How do I avoid the fight with the spouse this Friday so the Saturday romp is ensured? Why is my cash growth not keeping up with the inflation? The butterflies in the tummy before standing in front of a huge audience…

Fear of the parent, the spouse, the boss, of failure, of boredom, of illness, of dying without having done anything worthwhile in life….Only if we could banish or atleast suppress this one particular emotion, wouldn’t we able to LIVE rather than just surf through life!

Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop.  ~Usman B. Asif


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