Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon – Movie Review

The 3 images which stay in the mind, once one leaves the movie hall have nothing to do with the story:

1) Rosie lips-teeth-within Huntington (I personally missed Megan Fox, though), 2) A character actor-autobot which had a beer belly (or was it pregnant?), 3) The title of the movie which doesn’t have a noun after the adjective ‘dark’?

My grammar teacher from school would definitely pull out Michael Bay’s ears out of his face, if they ever chance to meet up somewhere in the bylanes of Mumbai. (or is it a smart-alecy move from the makers to ensure that both ‘side’ and ‘transformers’ can fit in as the missing word?)

Which more or less explains my disappointment over this excruciatingly long movie which reprises the age old formula of good vs bad-The color coded good autobots vs the grey decepticons (backed up by humans on both sides)…To add depth to the script, the makers include landing of the moon, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and a few presidential assassinations as an integral part of the plot.

Once again as July 4 arrives, Hollywood comes out with a movie similar in look & feel to the 1996 movie – ‘Independence Day’ (with shades of Terminator 4), where the planet needs to be saved with ofcourse the US government and citizens in the vanguard!

The special effects and action are stupendous but with every other movie having these as a hygiene factor nowadays, an overdrive without a tight screenplay is actually a downer.

As far as the acting is concerned, Shia Labeouf as the frustrated office boy/world-saver is decent though he hardly has much to say in the second half, apart from jumping around and desperately trying to make a difference where he can actually make none. Rosie whose juicy strawberry lips are deliciously swollen, (probably stung by the 2 tiny rodent-like bots), has nothing to do except show off her now famous Victoria Secrets figure. The machines have maximum screen-time, most of it accorded to Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime and Megatron playing out their love-hate relationship on the streets of Chicago.

The screenplay is probably the weakest – it starts off well but becomes a cumbersome never-ending battle with somewhat strange reasons to get the machines’ planet Cybertron to earth for re-building! (if using human population as slaves was one of the reasons, the intelligent bots should’ve chosen Beijing or Delhi as the headquarters instead of Chicago?)

Consider me an oddball, but for sheer entertainment value, I preferred our very own home-bred Rajnikanth starrer Robot (who could sing and dance apart from doing whatever these Transformers can!)


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