Virtual Life

Each one of us today has a virtual life, which is so divorced from the harsh realities of the physical world. Why do we spend more time on the net is a question that can become a research thesis for any budding Ph.D psychologist.

Eleborated below is my take on this phenomenon – 6 reasons, no solution!

1) Maslow’s Heirarchy

On an average we have between 10 to 20 really close friends/relatives and maybe 50 odd well-known colleagues/acquaintances, but this number starts multiplying exponentially as soon as we go online. We bloody don’t care to speak to people for decades but suddenly will ping them or poke them or send across a cute little hug or kiss (real life mein tho G mein dum nahin tha oos kudi noo jhappiya de pappiya deneka) 99% of the facebook/orkut/twitter junkies have NOT yet reached self-transcendence or even self-actualization…All of us are somewhere around the social belonging and self-esteem bands of the pyramid. How I miss the good old days of sitting near the school church or college katta and chatting away to glory – face to face and not on Facebook !

2) Alter-Ego

You can be online what you aren’t in real life…I’ve seen some nut-cases add photos of actors and actresses or a piddly little creature in school adding caricature of a lion as his profile picture ! Also, you can project a suave and cool demeanor on the net, however uncouth you might be in real life…I love CSI Miami, ski in my free time and read the theory of relativity, whereas ghar pe baithke ullu da patha would be watching Ratan ka Rishta.

3) Show-off

Enjoying a vacation on the beaches of Bahamas, My aunt is the queen of Timbaktoo, I wear red underwear…. and other such inane status updates which proves that you are totally vella yaar and want somebody to comment on your update and start a conversation, or in general show that yours is the most happening life of all humans around.

4) Peek-a-boo

The antonym of show-off is peek-a-boo…Curiosity killed THE cat and we all are incarnations of this cat to a certain degree…woh college mein motu tha kya patla ho gaya hai yaar…she still looks so hot man…wow, this guys is living in Norway now ! People entertain themselves with what’s happening in other’s lives. Some perverted/lonely minds are involved in a slightly more vicious activity. One old school classmate – HR had added me to his Orkut friends list. Next I know he’s send requests to a few friends in my list wanting to add them despite the fact that he doesn’t even know them (well not surprisingly all of them were girls). Ditto happened to a few other common school chummies friends whom Mr. HR targeted.


I’ve given this a separate heading since this is the one which I’m most mind-numbed by. Who could’ve thought that kheti-badhi would become so hep – everyone seems to be showing off their agrarian skills nowadays. Roughly about 60% Indians live in villages and earn their livelihood through agriculture and the remaining 40% live in cities and do online farming…

6) Entertainment

When everything can be done online, why do we need get away from our laptops for entertainment? – Television shows can be downloaded, games, movies, music, chat, love, lust, poker (woh paisa nakli hai isiliye hum millions mein jeet rahe hain !)

Many inconsequential thoughts are still flowing in my hallucinated brain but have to go ONLINE now – have been sitting for an hour without falling AGAIN into one of the above traps !!!


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