Dilution of Power! – Monopoly to Oligopoly to Individualism…

Has monopoly as a concept lost its way in the new world order, formed over the last few decades ?

->  G20 replaces G8….Chindia, and a few other nations are jumping up and down with glee at suddenly showing their economic prowess to the US and EU.

The interesting fact is that the economic bloc which till now had representation from Europe and North America has now dissipated to nearly every continent (Mexico, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, etc. are all a part of the G20)

-> Power of information is moving away from the hands of a few media moguls to the common man….Twitter, Wikipedia – Information seekers now are information dissipaters too. ..

-> The Great Depression hit the ‘US’ in 1930s, but the credit crisis in 2008 hit ‘the World’, despite the core problem lying in the US financial lending and securitization…The media drive affected the consumer sentiment in a huge way across the globe.

-> Coalition governments are more in vogue in a lot of countries today…

In a world where information, capital, humans, terrorists, etc. flow beyond boundaries of cities, countries and continents, it looks as if even oligopoly might soon lose its relevance !

Looking forward to a world in the next century where power would have probably further diluted to the absolute individual, en masse.


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