Orgasmic chicken soup for the deranged soul

This week has been one of those moods, when the mind has been floating in philosophical randomness about life, death and the muck in between. 

Makes me do some wishful thinking and the bucket list below, is a top of the mind recall of 14 activities I would love to indulge in, before the 15th one (death) hits my heart. 

The Ultimate Bucket List 

1)      Visit Antarctica and live alongside the penguins for a month, on what is one of the most beautiful and serene, but inhumanely cold terrains on planet earth

2)      Be a best-selling author – Chetan Bhagat can do it & so can I!

3)      Date a Brazilian hottie from Copa Cabana, and spend 15 days with her biking along the coastline of South America

4)      Have a hash brownie on one of the streetside cafes of Amsterdam on a 3 am Monday morning, just to feel what it means to get stoned

5)      Climb up to the Everest base camp (Reaching the summit would be a bit of a stretch, even for my imagination)

6)      Watch 30 movies and read 30 novels in a month with chips, coke and a stripper on the lap, with nobody else around

7)      Win a million-dollar jackpot (a true one unlike the bogus email offers from some random widow in UK)

8)      Receive a kiss and hug from each of my childhood crushes with a note saying how much they miss me and would’ve loved to be with me

9)      Line up all office irritants, kick their arses and kiss the job goodbye forever

10)  Develop a six-pack abs without any sort of exercise, by following a stringent diet of glazed cherry Ice-cream and cheese Pav Bhaji

11)  Have all my friends and family massage my body and ego for 3 consecutive days and nights

12)  Strum a guitar, and perform in front of a wild, wet crowd at an Olympics opening ceremony in Wembley

13)  Have 100,000 followers on twitter and replace @Jhunjhunwala as far as awesomeness is concerned

14)  Be the captain of the Indian cricket team and win 3 consecutive world cups ‘Well of Course.’

15)  Peaceful death on my 100th birthday with all loved ones around the deathbed, recounting memorable heartfelt incidents from the century that went by.

 Ok, enough of orgasmic imagination for the soul – back to tampering the excel sheet which will earn me bread and beer for this month.  Btw, please feel free to share your own wishlist with moi.


2 Responses

  1. I second the 1st four in the list.

    You write very well. Keep up the good work.

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