Don 2: Movie Review

Slick and fast-paced but with a plot as thin and bland as a plain salted Lays potato chip, Don gets a 2.5 out of an impossible 5.


In a nutshell, the plot is about Don stealing the Euro currency printing plates from a bank in Berlin (don’t know whether that’s a very smart move considering the Euro might soon be out of fashion) and at the same time ensuring that all his enemies get either killed or rather nabbed. (So Don 3 can be started off in 2013 with the same caricaturish characters!)

The storyline doesn’t have the same flair and twists as the previous avataar and is about this one dimensional megalomaniac who doesn’t like to be called Sir. The movie starts on a high-octane and I loved the first 20 minutes of an unkempt SRK kicking some ass in Thailand and later on in a Malaysian jail. But from then on, till about the last 30 minutes the movie meanders around the heist and though the pace doesn’t slacken, the interest levels dim a bit because of no interesting turns. The middle of the movie is where Farhan’s story-teller went off to sleep while writing the plot.


Farhan Akhtar as we all know is quite capable when it comes to delivering the goods, but is unfortunately hampered by insipid writing on this one. Despite that, thankfully his hold on the film remains strong and stylish, and never moves to the Sanjay Gupta mode as he does have a tight screenplay to back-up the car chases and action pieces. Also, the cinematography is top-notch and gives the film, production values which are of international caliber. At a personal level, I would like to see Farhan make movies, which atleast have a subtext of emotion running through in his own understated style of play.


Every actor worth his salt goes through this phase, when he tries to act way too younger than his age. Even Big B managed to give us unbelievable duds like Lal Badshah, Aaj ka Arjun, etc… And SRK is entering that dreaded zone now. His constant grimace, the farty walk, or for that matter the gnashing of his jaw every few seconds is the pulse of an actor who’s trying too hard to look cool and menacing. For some strange reason, he reminds me of the Hindi teacher in school who had hair coming out of his ears, and who would shout at the top of his squeaky voice to portray an overpowering personality. The harder he tried, the funnier he looked.

Same goes for our new age Don, who pouts as if lips are going out of fashion and the way he slurs ‘Meri Junglee billi” would put a lascivious B-grade henchman to shame. But nevertheless the overall effort is a zillion time improvement over the Ra.One disaster which left an SRK fan like me want to fall in love with KRK instead.

Actually a couple of decades back, when he did these same expressions in Darr or Baazigar we didn’t mind, atleast there was an underlying emotion – either in the passionate lust for KKkkiran or an innate lava of revenge for Madan Choprrraa… That is what has been missing in SRK movies recently and hence a downfall from where he needs to dig-out asap towards more Chak De and Swades kinda  roles. Nevertheless, some of the smart one-liners still have the trademark charm of the self-proclaimed King.

Boman Irani is undoubtedly a craftsman, but too podgy a nemesis to an anorexic, central antagonist. Seems like Kareena Kapoor diet tips are working for SRK, and Dolly Bindra is helping out Boman with his build-up! Infact Boman seems like a Parsi baba picked up erroneously from a Hindu colony theatrical play and put into a 70mm guns and girls saga.

Priyanka Chopra looks good and well….looks good. Similarly, poor Lara  Dutta doesn’t have much to do except show the valley to the front-benchers. Thankfully Bollywood would be spared as she goes on a motherhood sabbatical for atleast a year or two.

Kunal Kapoor is a fine actor, but unfortunately commercial cinema doesn’t hold much space for people like him. He should probably take a leaf out of Abhay Deol’s book and move onto the multiplex smallies.

Om Puri says he’ll retire, at the beginning of the movie and somehow doesn’t do till the end????


This is completely blah and thankfully there are only 2 songs through the movie… Shankar Ehsaan Loy seem to be just rehashing their same old tunes from the earlier version and need to take a break like dear Mr. Reshamiyya did for a couple of years. They try to do a James Bond kinda OST, but dish out drab and boring music. Why can’t somebody take the gauntlet and just make a songless SRK movie.

Anyways, it’s a one-time watch for all SRK and Don fans. If you’re neither, please skip the cinema hall and wait for one of the channels, which will inadvertently air the movie every Saturday as a blockbuster of the month for nearly a year!


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