The Darkest Hour!

It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways – Buddha

6 pm

“Faaaaaaaak” – he grimaced as another tooth broke off, and dropped out from his jaw.

He threw away the leg piece in disgust over the crystallized salt rocks. A cold shudder passed his spine, as he recollected the first time he had ever tasted this kind of flesh. He turned his gaze towards the horizon – eyes fixated on Evelyn, the waif-like body floating naked on saline waters.

“Beautiful sunset, eh” – Adam’s deep full-throated voice broke his gaze.

“How many left?” – his words sounded hollow, even to his own ears.

“Two, but both have rotted and we can’t take a chance”

“Hmmm” – he mumbled and looked into the aqua-blue eyes of Adam. The once handsome jaw was now covered with wild facial hair.

“The water’s turning choppy. Eve, come out now… ” – Adam’s voice trailed, as Iblis dragged himself to the entrance of the cavern.

The smell of decaying flesh had percolated the entire area, despite them stacking the three bodies, deep in a cold cave, a kilometre away. He sat on the moist ground, arms wrapped around the knees. The trouser was tattered, and cold limestone bit him hard on the open skin.

He picked up the sharp stone and marked out another ‘|’ on the wall – this was their 67th day. Light was fading with every passing minute and he used the fingertips to avoid his droopy eyes, from shutting down.


6:30 pm

“Iblis” – the mellifluous voice broke his sleep. He looked at Evelyn’s blistered skin on the ribs jutting out under her bra. She still evoked memories of the full-bodied woman, he had met back on the ill-fated ship.

“Yes, senorita?”

” Body’s aching real bad today…” – she lay down on her stomache.

“Where’s your fuc…darling husband?” – he bit his tongue, and sat down on her hips.

“It’s his turn, naa…Setting up the flames!”

He stared massaging the back in slow, circular motions. As her tensed muscles relaxed, he unbuttoned the hook and lay his bare chest on hers.

“We don’t have any food left” – he whispered, whilst puckering at her earlobes

“What do you mean? There were two…”

“Decayed” – he looked out as darkness engulfed the last orange ray of the sun. “Let’s just do it”

“No, I can NOT” – the soft angelic voice was replete with pain.


“Maybe there are fish further down…” – the desperate words were interspersed with sobs.

He went silent. The water was too saline to hold any marine life, and they had already stripped off all the coconut trees around. One by one, the remaining survivors had been hacked off. Kill the husband and fuck the wife, was the final part of his plan.

“Ok” – he heard the faintest of whispers from under him, as a pair of lips rammed furiously into his own.


7 pm

They gathered around the fireplace as the final piece of meat, a salt-covered hand was being roasted over the flames. Iblis felt her cold finger touch his hand, as they stole a nervous glance.

“I love you, guys” – Adam smiled at Eve and put a few more logs in the fire.

“Love you too honey….Morning dreams come true, naa?”

Iblis pricked his thumb with the knife and a drop of blood oozed out. He got up and pulled the other two on their feet.

“To love!” – he raised the coconut shell, drank the last drop and threw it in the fire.

He grabbed both of them in a tight hug, and closed his eyes. Now was the moment.

“Aaah” – two voices rang out in unison, as his heart stopped beating for a fraction. His hands were covered with the thick spurt of blood from Adam’s back. But at the same time, a deep pain shot up in his nape. He took his left hand out of Eve’s waist and touched his neck. A hand was pushing something deeper. He looked at Eve, who smiled back.

“I WILL SURVIVE” – she shouted and thrust the sharp stone further.

Both Adam and Iblis fell on the ground, searching Eve’s eyes for atleast a single drop of tear. She shrugged her shoulders and calmly moved back to the cave. She carved out the words ‘Dead Sea’ on the wall, and licked off the remaining blood on the stone.

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones – William Shakespeare