Love, Fuck and Two Smoking Barrels – Amsterdam

As we sat in the neon-lit cafe smoking on the white widow, a question zonked my mind, more than the ciggie. Why the hell is Amsterdam such a huge rage for people worldwide – age, gender and nationality, be darned.

Is it because it solves some of the first world problems?

1) Love

Humans have a yearning to romanticize everything, be it historic nostalgia or nature’s unparalleled beauty. And Amstelredamme provides all this and more, be it the grid of narrow canals, the tulip gardens, the Zanse schans windmills or Anne Frank’s WWII secret house. Classical romanticism is in the air!

2) Fuck

Ok, let’s get real. Love is best left to sissies. What men want is what men get here. De Wallen is the best known red-light district in the world and is a formal tourist destination! Window shopping has been taken to a new level altogether.  Take your pick & fulfill all your carnal Freudian needs – Yes, you might be completely empty after 2 cold, strange hearts warm a bed together. But who the fuck cares, when you get a good fuck!

3) Two smoking barrels

Well, honestly even four might not be enough, especially if newcomers try out the pre-rolled light joints which are a huge disappointment…
But if potent enough, two small barrels of pure weed can help you blow away this stressful life in small circles of blissful nothingness…

So go ahead, catch that KLM flight today and have a romp with life…


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