Antarctica: Day -1

Dubai: 9th Dec 2012:

As I jump aboard the trip of a lifetime tomorrow, thought of starting a daily strip-down of my inner thoughts…

Everyone has a bucket-list, conscious or subconscious and mine has the 7th continent on top of the charts.

Don’t know why I’m attracted towards the white sheet of nothingness, what am I looking for? Maybe some answers, maybe some more questions or maybe it’s just a temporal escape from this harsh world. Any which ways, spending 2 weeks in the uninhabited wilderness should be soul-enticing, at the very least.

Blackberry has been thrown into silent mode as penguins and sea birds are the only creatures I’m gonna respond to. Human life-suckers can take a hike.

So Messrs. Iceberg & co, and unadulterated life, here I come!

Itinerary area


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