Planes, Trains & Quantum gibberish…

Antarctica Day 0 – Flight to Argentina

Time space conundrum plays on the mind.
14 hours from Dubai to Brazil & then another 4 to Buenos Aires makes me realize how ironically slow & boring air travel really is.

Reminds me of the good old days when I used to look forward to the exciting 2-day train journeys from one Indian city to another. The buying of magazines from railway platforms, the trrding trrding sound of the cold drink guy, the sizzling omlette bread & the mayhem of umpteen other vendors peddling their wares, in the cramped compartments. And to top it all, the inadvertent presence of that one beautiful femme fatale, stretching and yawning on the opposite berth.
But the most crucial aspect I miss in this jet age is the raw, earthy feeling of cold, night breeze at the open window, as Iush Indian villages pass by.

Anyways coming back to today, the train chick has been replaced by a 6 decade old Lebanese nanny on my side whose command over English is as brilliant as mine over Quantum mechanics.
She gets up every hour & noticing my annoyance apologises profusely for “molesting” me?!

To avoid this incessant molestation, I concentrate on the quest documentaries which reiterate the fact that everything in life, including science is so subjective & just a viewpoint of a supposedly superior minority.
Newton’s gravity was the bible until Einstein’s relativity broke through the simplistic laws of physics. He created this monstrously complex crackshit about relativity, and then the seemingly harmless Hawking wheelchaired all over him & all his predecessors. But why only curse the incomprehensible scientists. lsn’t History, Religion, Geography & even life itself just random theories & perspectives of x individuals? South Pole for us might be a northern point for a starship deep in the space abyss below.
USA invasion for legit democratic rights of the middle eastern people is already being written in many history books as a tyrant’s loot for oil.

Anyways enough rambling for the day. Flowing through different time Zones & food zones is making me sleepy. Catch Buenos Aires tomorrow.

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