Death is beautiful

Antarctica Trip Day 2: Buenos Aires

Visiting a cemetery is always a surreal experience. The famed and respected people of Argentina are buried here for posterity. But why? does it really matter? Is leaving behind a legacy really that important?
Does a Gandhi, Lincoln or Napoleon really hold any relevance after they’re gone?


When a rockstar sleeps, fame is an inconsequential concept both for him as well as his worshippers. At that point he, the pope & the street dog all are on the same plane. For that matter, sleep is the biggest leveler & hence by that extension so is death. The only reason we love to sleep & despise the elongated variant is our inability to wake up.


Saw these 2 old gentlemen sitting here in peace, waiting for their time. Every wrinkle holding umpteen stories, joyful, tragic as well as unfulfilled dreams. When you’re so near to death, what really drives you to live?

Many questions, only silence is
the reposte given by these graves.



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