Paglos pablos and a crazy Buenos…

Antarctica Trip -Day 1: Argentina

Amigos, today’s postos is gonna be a bit difficult to reados as we’re down on a couple of moijitos. A city like Buenos Aires is exactly like its graffiti stained walls. Random urbanization adding colorful chaos to the beautifully planned architecture of 16th century.


Wonder if today’s ghettos in urban centres would offend the colonial masters who envisaged their slaves in a monumental form. BA is like a huge canvas where the portenos have added colour in terms of sculptures, graffiti and various other art forms. The city of theatres, tango and futbol is buzzing. What would be interesting though is to ask the local denizens whether they find the city of fair winds as poetic as a tourist, who’s on a relaxed vacation. The city overall not that out of this world has a happy sexy feel to it. Not the picture perfect sexiness of a rodeo drive but rather a raw imperfect appeal a la the rumba. Music, color and chilled out laziness drive this city. The graffiti too reflects the cheery, quirkiness of people unlike the angst you see in many other societies. And all this despite the socio-economic hardships over last few decades.


Coming back to the debate of urbanization, many cities today are losing they individuality with the onslaught of cloned architecture. Some areas of BA look so familiar that I and N renamed it fort area & Connaught place in the Same breath. Anways winding down an awesome evening with R & N at the waterfront, though drowsiness ensures we’ll miss having our up, close & personal encounter with tango tonight… More lateros moi dearos senors and senoritas….


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