Antarctica: 15th Dec: Love at first sight!

Half-Moon Island and Deception Island

The inadequacy of words & pictures is amplified today. How can anyone be prepared for a place like Antarctica?
Surreal feeling when our feet plonked on the coldest, driest & windiest part of our planet. A long-cherished dream fulfilled. Strangely enough a part of me lived and died today….


Penguins rule this terrain. They build highways to navigate up the plateau & down to the calm sea for their daily quota of bread, butter & jam. Stealing is rampant around the pebbled nests – each penguin a bigger scamster than the other. And all this is done while protecting their eggs from the predatory Scua birds.




Bright, blue lines trickle out of the icy glaciers and snow-sculpted structures around. Reminds one of the cool minty toothpaste ads, which have blue gel oozing out of the tube.
I’m so sad when we’re asked to get-off the island & onto our zodiacs to return to the ship. I’ve fallen in pure love with an inanimate objet for the first time. The vast white wiLderness has an outer-world tranquility, never experienced before. How will I be able to survive with humans in the plasticity of Dubai, now?!

Deception island next. Have foolishly agreed to participate in the polar plunge.
Once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a bath in the Antarctic waters. (albeit in a lake created by an active volcano)

Guts is just a fine line away for sheer stupidity. Wished myself luck and stripped down to bare essentials.
The water wasn’t substantially cold for the 1st 2 steps…The sulphur from the active volcano ensured a foggy, farty air all around, slightly warm for these conditions. Step 3 and then suddenly thousand cold pins pierce the feet. If this is what volcanic antarctic wafers fed like, dread to think how it’ll beneath the colder peninsula down south. Brrrrr..


Anyway, fear has been drowned into the Antarctic Ocean… Need to transmute this strong will to other spheres of life. Orgasmic day 1 comes to an end…


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