Resolutions – The Happiness Paradox…

Every Dec-end, the world celebrates the myth that a new year beckons & the 1st of January with it’s magic wand will wipe away the stresses of life.

So to motivate this magician called Jan, we prop it with artificial limbs called resolutions.
Lose weight, gain gf, lose spouse, have more sex and many other random wishes float in the air for a while….But eventually it ends up being just another binge eat & drink session one night, followed by a diet which probably lasts a week & a half.

And these so-called resolutions, if they ever get completed through are supposed to make us HAPPY.
Which brings me to the 2 moot questions of life!
1) What is happiness?
2) Is it our natural state?

For me, humans seem to live in a permanent state of dissatisfaction with temporal spikes of joy or ecstasy, which they term as happiness. So my resolution for 2013 is to try to gain some peace if not the ever-elusive oasis pictured below…

The mythical Creature of Happiness


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