Indian Twitterati Awards – 2011 (Nominations)

The search is on for the top Indians rocking the world of Twitter. The criteria is absolutely simple – You like ’em? You vote for ’em…Simply click on the radio button in the poll below and put your friend (or yourself) on the pedestal.

Category 1: Generic – No topic is ever taboo and words are never minced – These champions are in a league of their own!

Category 2: NicheThey operate in a kingdom, which now they’ve made their own – be it politics, Bollywood, cricket or religion!

Voting Closes: In 15 days time, on 31st July. Final results would be announced on 1st August with a detailed analysis and other exciting surprises!

Criteria:- No holds barred, click as many times as you like for the people, you’re a huge fan of. There are 2 categories currently, but you can certainly suggest if any more need to be added. (Upcoming Tweetartist, maybe?)

Recommendations:- 1) Do not go by the no. of followers someone has. As the toothless grandpa once said – ‘It’s the quality and not the quantity that matters’. 2) You can add a name of your choice in ‘other’, if not present already. 3) No real-life celebrities please, they have their own awards galore.

This poll will keep getting cleaned up in the next couple of days based on your suggestions, so feel free to let us know in the comments section.