Delhi Belly – Movie Review

Delhi Belly is the 4th bottle of chilled Kingfisher Strong you’re having on a balmy Saturday afternoon with a couple of hostel friends in a room full of crap. Yes, you do feel puky after so many beers, but you will want to have one more nevertheless…

‘Delhi Belly’ at best is a good attempt at situational comedy in a country where slapstick is the staple diet for makers…But like Arindam Chaudhary – Aamir does dare to think beyond! The problem with situational comedies is that Indians are not too good at them and the only classic to ever come out of Bollywood was ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’, which was a few decades back.

The tagline reads Shit Happens and it does happen in ample abundance throughout the movie. Most of it is provided by one of the protagonists (Kunal Roy Kapoor) having a bout of diarrhea, which leads to his crap being exchanged for a box of diamonds and the commotion surrounding the same. This is the simple premise of the plot surrounding the 3 protagonists (Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal) ably supported by girlfriends, gangsters, landlords, jewelers and some random family members.

The movie does ensure a few guffaws especially at the cuss words used throughout. Surprisingly, the ones laughing loudest in the theatre hall were a few sari-clad aunties, who usually in the open world would criticize youngsters for even mouthing ‘shit’. (Must say the dialogue writer had it quite easy with  50% of the words being the various grammatical forms of the F word, with a few BCs and MCs thrown in by the gangsters!)….The best of the lot is the analogy which Mr. Tata wouldn’t be too excited to hear – A red nano is described as the result of what happens when a donkey fucks an auto-rickshaw! (Probably reflects correctly the current brand value of the car in the market)

The performances like the movie are quite irreverent & natural (nobody in particular stands out as brilliant or pathetic – A few brownie points to Abhinay Deo – the director for extracting an even tone across the cast) and Delhi’s underbelly as a character blends in subtly too. Ram Sampath’s music is fantastically offbeat though used only in the background (except for the weakest song – Jaa Chudail which somehow doesn’t fit in)

Overall, if you’re in college or are having a boys day out, go ahead and have a fun 2 hours. (Remember to have a beer before you go, incase you really want to laugh your way out)…Do stay back for the post-movie credits, which is Aamir’s ode to Mithun rolled into the garb of Mike Myers, with a hairy chest!

Average movie as far as I am concerned, but well tried Mr. Khan – better luck with a more innovative plot next time!