Sleepwalking through Life…

As I stood below the office having a cup of coffee, taking a break from playing emails, noticed the frenetic traffic around. (even at 2 pm in the afternoon)

Everybody seems to be in a mindless state of motion. We want to reach from A to B, whether it be physically, financially or emotionally. Short-term or mid-term goals is what drives us. But, once we reach the goal – the next promotion/ marriage/ buying the first home, the euphoria dies down almost instanteously. The achievement is replaced by the next ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ goal. Progress or materialistic evolution as Darwin would’ve termed it.

Hmm, kinda explains how life is just a journey without a fixed destination – quite a rocky one must say…Awaiting for a cold, fresh brook to wash my face in.


Although paradoxically different, both western and eastern life philosophies can be seen as Newton’s law of inertia…
Western: MOVE – KEEP MOVING, Set life goals and strive to achieve them
Eastern: STAY STILL – JUST BE, every desire is just a manifesto of evil

The boss shouts out for a work checklist, and back to ground realities.
Excel, word, powerpoint = Tandoori chicken, petrol and the next vacation to the Arctic


Life-Cycle of the Bullied Indian Male!

0-9 Years (Carefree Craziness)

-> Be Born…Happy Birthday! (Whatever be the name, be called Chottu/ Mottu/ Pappu/ Tappu or something more hideous by the supposedly nearest & dearest !)

-> Crawl, cry, walk, talk, run, grow

-> Bully parents/elder siblings

-> Get bullied by younger siblings

-> Study/Play/Explore/ 1st crush in school (Lovely Ms. Tina !)

10-19 years (Puberty Pangs and Pleasures)

-> 1st girlfriend @ 14-15

-> Join College, Exit school-time girlfriend

-> Get Ragged and Bullied by Seniors

-> Rag and Bully the Juniors

-> New Girlfriend in college… Shave/Joke/Act Stupid/ Be a Smart Alec/ Drink beer

20-29 years (The Young Explorers – Main Hoon Don!)

-> Bunk a few years and somehow manage to graduate (4/5 years for Engineers/Doctors, 3 for others)

-> Lie in numerous interviews and finally land up with a new job

-> Marry/Not Marry GF???

-> Study further, temporary postponement to above conundrum

-> Copy assignments, learn to faff…Finish Masters

-> Start earning again…in Dollars or Dirhams or the good old Indian rupee

-> If in India – Marry Girlfriend,

-> If abroad – dump GF in India, find new GF and Marry.

30-39 years (The Turning Point – Main Hoon Kaun?)

-> Get Ragged and Bullied by Wife

-> Make presentations…Become the new whizkid in office

-> Slog for a few years. Dream Big/ Have Ideals/ Buy a car/house

-> Get Ragged and Bullied by Boss

-> Rag and Bully sub-ordinates

-> Switch Jobs

-> Have children. Change diapers

-> Get Bullied by Child

40-59 years (The mid-life/wife crisis)

-> Switch Job again/ Stop Dreaming/ Make Money

-> Plan international trips/ vacations. Get bullied by travel agents

-> Marry off children

-> Retire. Acquire new assets, namely – Diabetes/ Blood Pressure/ Arthritis or all of these

Post 60 – The Bonus Years

-> Die. Lucky you !

-> After going through all of the above, re-birth anyone??!