‘Lust makes the world go round’ – ZenEmotions

Or at least for all the testosterone-driven males of this planet. What you look around today is not a recent phenomenon – the Schwarzennegers, Straus-Kahns, Bill Clintons, Tiger Woods, Berlusconis have always thrived from time immemorial. It’s just that today’s pervasive media and the above gentlemen’s superstar status has elevated the status of one of the biggest follies of man.

This love for lust which Sigmund Freud might probably endorse is probably an innate biological defect. “Why do you think a man can potentially reproduce innumerable Mini-Me(s) in a year, compared to only one per female?” – theorisized a lascivious professor whose core subject was actually financial derivatives.

Let’s try and get a pre-historic perspective here. The cave man whose 9 to 5 job was to hunt animals would in his spare time mate with the latest chick, create offsprings, provide some food and probably move on. Or as some evolutionary scientists would point out – our ancient ancestors’ desires for many partners was a way of ensuring the continuation of their genes.

The creation of society and the civilized rules over the last couple of millennia might be the only reason, the polygamous man has been chained to a one-woman concept. This bondage is bound to get broken especially with so many longest legs, shortest shorts figurines on display in real life!

I will leave the morality debate on the table for you’ll to thrash out. Please feel free to leave your two cents behind.

‘Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine.’ – Sigmund Freud