The monk who bought back his Ferrari!


Wonder why spiritual robes are needed if d soul wants materialistic salvation?
Check out the iphone in his hand….


Dare to think beyond the ponytail?

I welcome the batch of 2012 to the Tihar campus of our prestigious institute IIIIIPM – Internationally Indian & Indianally International Institue of Puberty Management…

All of you young boys and girls are going through similar pangs in life and we here at IIIIIPM will help you achieve your impossible dreams. So are you ready to count your chickens before you put the eggs to boil?!

I am your dean and the God of Vertical thinking, ArinDamn Choti and I will take you through the three options you have for a 5-minute specialization which will ensure the beginning of the end of your career:

1) VCR

Vaccuum Cleaner Repairing is a very intense course because it has a lot of practical training involved. The instructor runs seperate sessions for boys and girls. The various case studies involved show you how the vaccum cleaner sucks, at what pressures and for how much time. The instructor is an extremely knowledgable and has actually grafted a vaccum cleaner in place of his mouth and his lips are only used for sucking day in & out, without any need for electricity.

2) BBA

Bloating like a Balloon Art is a simplistic concept for which we have called on an internationally renowned balloon seller who erroneously one arid night in Attobadad, put the helium pipe in his belly button instead of the balloon…He’s currently penctured himself to reduce the effects but he can still float like a balloon and s(t)ing like a cabbage!

3) BSS

Begging at the Street Signals is an art form which requires the grasping of quite a few difficult concepts like having a nasal twang, closing your eyes and crying at a long, loud monotone…This course will earn you a lot since the 25 paise coins have now been phased out by the Central Bank of India. The professor of this class will stand with you at various signals in Bandra and practically give you on the job training.

And finally even if these 3 career options don’t work for you, me and my ponytail partner iSRK will launch all of you as condoms in our population control documentary being produced for the government of India…Thok Sako Tho Thok Lo!