Sleepwalking through Life…

As I stood below the office having a cup of coffee, taking a break from playing emails, noticed the frenetic traffic around. (even at 2 pm in the afternoon)

Everybody seems to be in a mindless state of motion. We want to reach from A to B, whether it be physically, financially or emotionally. Short-term or mid-term goals is what drives us. But, once we reach the goal – the next promotion/ marriage/ buying the first home, the euphoria dies down almost instanteously. The achievement is replaced by the next ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ goal. Progress or materialistic evolution as Darwin would’ve termed it.

Hmm, kinda explains how life is just a journey without a fixed destination – quite a rocky one must say…Awaiting for a cold, fresh brook to wash my face in.


Although paradoxically different, both western and eastern life philosophies can be seen as Newton’s law of inertia…
Western: MOVE – KEEP MOVING, Set life goals and strive to achieve them
Eastern: STAY STILL – JUST BE, every desire is just a manifesto of evil

The boss shouts out for a work checklist, and back to ground realities.
Excel, word, powerpoint = Tandoori chicken, petrol and the next vacation to the Arctic



‘Between the devil and the deep-blue sea’ as a proverb was coined by a man removing his tie on the way home in his weather-beaten Corolla at 8:30 pm on a rainy Monday evening, stuck in a heavy jam on the crowded streets of Cairo.

As per a world-wide survey which I never did, the top 2 reasons why majority of homo-sapiens were trudging along unhappily on earth are penned in blood below:

The Wife

Despite the fact that every Tom, Dick and the hairy Harry gives you advice on not to commit suicide, you take all of it as a joke and infact even laugh along. There is so much excitement to take the plunge that Indians even dance merrily in their own marriage procession. Americans are probably a step ahead and they repeat the same error continuously in a loop – thankfully only one at a time, unlike the Arabs who manage a 4 entrance villa for their 4 wives & conjoined families.

Ask any married man & atleast once in his lifetime they would have had a fantasy to either regain bachelorhood or atleast have the option of an exchange offer!

The Boss

But hold on, the lady has tough competition from the vulture of the corporate jungle who scavenges on you day in & out, but doesn’t allow you to die. The bosses’ job is to ensure that you do his job and congratulate him for the fantastic job he managed to get done from you. So suck it up boys!

But luck is on your side here, because unlike a wife you can change your bosses more often. The only little asterisk disclaimer is the fact that you do NOT get to choose your boss!

Thankfully, this sorrow lasts for only 2/3rds of your adult life, since there are 8 hours of death every night, which is the only peaceful and blissful reason to live…

Btw, let me know if you find a 3rd reason to be sad, and I’ll buy you a brand new iPad!