‘The king appeared… with his dogs and sycophants behind him.’ – Kathleen Winsor

Is the fine art of Sycophancy dying and are Sycophants joining the ranks of dodos and dinosaurs in the extinction hall of fame?

I have been looking hard all around me for the past few weeks to find that sweet little thing in my office, called a sycophant…Remember the good old days in school, where that sugar-boy with the middle parting and a gallon of crude oil in his hair used to say ‘Good morning Miss’ in the sweetest way possible… He used to study hard and suck harder! The smile used to be reserved only for teachers, principle and anybody who could move the machinery…

Even in my 1st organization a decade back, we had a sugar-dude who used to smile, and then smile and then smile some more and he used to go into an ecstatic orgasm every time the head of the department would return his hello. Yes, such guys rise up to a certain level, but then after a point of time the pretense shows and the fall is far from gracious!

But unfortunately despite the combination of a microscope and sharp ears/eyes, I’m unable to find a sycophant around. If you find one, please let me know!